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Calcium-Magnesium Source™ Extract (1 fl. oz.)

Calcium-Magnesium Source™ Extract (1 fl. oz.)

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Calcium and magnesium from plants sources is highly absorbable and bioavailable. University studies document that food complex minerals are up to 25 times more bioavailable than inorganic (non food) mineral sources. Non food mineral supplements may show higher milligrams amounts on product labels, but very little (in some cases, less than 1%) is actually absorbed by the body. Excesses are flushed out or, in the case of minerals like calcium, they can become lodged in tissues or recirculated through the bloodstream. Further, many non-food vitamins and mineral supplements are derived from industrial chemicals like petroleum by-products. Whole herb source nutrients are much less affected by these contaminants.

Directions: Take 10 - 15 drops under the tongue before retiring at night for 2 or more months. Children 5 - 12 years, take half adult dose.

Ingredients: Watercress Herb; Oatstraw & Oatseed; Dandelion Rt. Roasted; Rosemary Lf.; Nettles Lf.; Alfalfa Lf.; Dandelion Lf.; Horsetail Hrb.; Pau d’ Arco Brk.; Borage Sd.; Spirulina; Fennel Sd.; Pumpkin Sd.; Stevia Lf.; Other ingredients: Grain Alcohol 45%

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