Herbs for Your Body Systems

Herbs For Your Body Systems

The material on the "body systems" pages is intended as an educational tool to offer information about alternative choices and health maintenance options available to the health care consumer today.

We must be respectful of all ways of healing. The crisis intervention measures of medical therapy are often needed to stabilize an emergency or life-threatening situation, but for long term well-being, and many common, self-limiting problems, diet improvement, exercise, and natural therapy choices make good sense.

The optional recommendations in this section are not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a physician or other licensed health care professionals.

Discuss your alternative choices with your physician, and always inform your doctor or pharmacist of any other medication you are taking. Pregnant women are especially urged to consult with their health care provider before using any therapy.

Education is the key to making wise health decisions. Part of the job of taking more command of your own health care is using your common sense, intelligence, and adult judgement based on the knowledge of your own body experiences. Ultimately, you must take the full responsibility for your choices and how you use the information presented here.
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