Tummy Control™ (60 capsules)

Tummy Control™ (60 capsules)

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It’s not what you’re eating: it’s what’s eating you! New research shows high stress may make you gain weight in the tummy area. Tummy Control™ is rich in herbs that calm and soothe stress that may contribute to weight gain around the middle.*
  • Green Tea
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Cleavers
  • St. John's Wort

Directions: Take 1 - 2 caps with meals.

Ingredients: Appetite Control Blend: {St. John’s Wort Hrb., Chickweed Hrb., Betaine HCL, Fennel Sd., Rosemary Lf., L-Tyrosine, Kola Nut, L-Glutamine}; Thermogenic Blend: {Garcinia Cambogia Resin, Guarana Sd., Mustard Sd., Cinnamon Brk., Ginger Rt., Black Pepper, Capsicum}; Metabolism Blend: {Coleus f., Acetyl Carnitine, Kelp, Green Tea}; Digestion blend: {CLA, Inositol, B-6}; Detox Blend: {White Tea Lf., Uva Ursi Lf., Cleavers Hrb., Grape Sd. Ext., Fenugreek Sd.}; Stress Control/Calcium Blend: {Rhodiola r. Frt., Scullcap Hrb., Watercress Hrb.}; Sugar Balance Blend: {Gymnema s. Lf., Burdock Rt., Sarsaparilla Rt., Marshmallow Rt., Blueberry Lf., Vanadium, Chromium}; Liver Support Blend: {Dandelion Rt., Ginkgo Biloba Lf. Ext.}; Energy Blend: {Siberian Eleuthero Rt., Gotu Kola Lf.}; Hormone Balance Blend: {Ashwagandha Rt., Dong Quai Rt., Licorice Rt.}.; Other ingredients: vegetarian capsule (vegetable cellulose and water).

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